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Forever Deuce

The Third Book in the Charlie Valdez Trilogy!

Excitement is mounting as recently married model Charlie Valdez and her husband; former tennis pro Drake Winstead prepare for the grand opening of Winstead Tennis Center. Placing their honeymoon on hold, the power couple is focused on hosting the center’s inaugural, sold-out match between two of the nation’s top-ranked players. 

         Pleased that everything is coming together as planned, Charlie is also thrilled that Drake’s confidence in her brother Seth, who’s managing the tennis center, has not been misplaced.  Her faith in Drake’s childhood friend Neil White, however; waivers when the sexy musician turns up the heat in pursuing Charlie’s sister Ceilia.

         Tensions mount when Ceilia goes missing the night before the opening match. Although Charlie immediately suspects Neil, she later begins to question her sister’s jealous ex-boyfriend Bryan Shepherd, a marketing guru who happens to be on the Winstead payroll. 

         Once Charlie locates her sister, she’s surprised by how quickly Ceilia bonds with Oliver Hedges, an honored guest at the center’s opening weekend. When Drake decides to add Oliver to Winstead’s roster of tennis instructors, Seth also becomes a fan of the friendly Las Vegas transplant. 

         As time passes, Charlie must leave Drake for an out-of-town photoshoot. After several past threats to her safety, Drake doesn’t want her to travel alone but Charlie insists she’ll be fine. When Drake finally gives in and lets her go, the stage is set and someone who’s been watching finds their perfect opportunity for revenge.

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Match Point

The Second Book in the Charlie Valdez Trilogy!

Construction is in full swing at Renner Sports and Racquet Club as the new owner, Drake Winstead, moves forward with his vision to transform the aging sports complex into the premier tennis center in Texas.

The former tennis pro is also very preoccupied with his voluptuous neighbor, Charlie Valdez. Knowing that the model and fashion designer is still reeling from ending her engagement to Jack Vaughn, Drake understands Charlie isn't emotionally ready for a new relationship. Still, he can't help but tell Charlie he's in love with her.

Knowing that she cares deeply for Drake too, Charlie's determined to take things slowly while their romance grows. "I've found my soul mate," she tells her sister Ceilia, who's played Cupid for the two since the day she and Charlie first met Drake.

No one is shocked more than Drake when Charlie abruptly ends their relationship, insisting that they must go back to being just friends.

Unwilling to let her go, Drake fights to prove his commitment to Charlie and show her that true love does indeed conquer all.

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Charlie Valdez is living her dreams. In addition to the success of her Dallas specialty boutique, Charlotte's Closet, the tall, curvy model is also proud to be breaking down barriers in the fashion industry.

As her thirtieth birthday approaches, she finds herself slipping into an uncharacteristic funk. Uncertain if it's turning the big 3-0 or doubts about her boyfriend, Jack Vauhgn, that's bringing her down, Charlie turns to tennis to beat the blues.

When she arrives at Renner Sports and Racquet Club and meets the club's incredibly handsome new tennis pro, Drake Winstead, Charlie believes she knows his type. Thinking he may be trouble, she warns her sister Ceilia to keep a professional distance from the sexy athlete.

Unable to heed her own advice, Charlie develops a friendship with Drake and realizes she's judged him unfairly based on his appearance.

With her heart on the line, Charlie learns she can't be true to any man without first being honest with herself.

It Happened In The Hill Country

I am extremely proud and honored to share my latest novel with you. Set in the astoundingly beautiful Texas Hill Country, this book is a real page-turner!  I’m so excited to share the story of Jill Murray, a strong Texan who loves her family, dogs, and horses. As Jill's attraction to Dave Wilder, a retired professional baseball pitcher, begins to evolve into a red hot romance, two men from her past begin to make her love life challenging. Things reach the boiling point when Jill decides to support an old friend—a decision that could cost her everything!

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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