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Are You Driving Like A Fish?

Hey, I appreciate a cool set of wheels as much as the next gal! Unfortunately, the slick, hybrid BMW E3 (above) doesn't belong to me and neither does this vintage Shelby (below).

I've driven Lincoln SUVs for the past few years—and no, it's not because my fellow Texan, Mathew McConaughey endorses them. It's because I really like the look of these vehicles. As you can see, I'm sporting magnets displaying my company name. I picked these up for a recent parade.

Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of sticking anything on my vehicle. The exception to this is a small Smile You're In Texas decal I proudly display on my back windshield.

It's just a reminder to folks around here that life is pretty good in The Lone Star State!

That being said, I should share that a few years ago, I considered putting a Christian fish on my car. Just something simple like this:

"Don't do it!" warned my husband James. "If you put that on your car, you're going to have to drive like a fish!"

"Drive like a fish?" I asked. "What the heck does that mean?"

"It's like the whole, 'What Would Jesus Do?' movement," he explained. "Think about it. Jesus would be the world's most considerate driver. I've seen you behind the wheel. By putting that fish on your car, you're setting yourself up for a standard you can't possibly live up to! After that thing goes on, there's no more honking at anyone who cuts you off or shaming them by shaking your head when you pass by. All that would be a bad reflection on Christians."

I thought about this for a moment, remembering something that happened to me while driving during a particularly gnarly commute. As I went to change lanes (and yes, I had my turn signal on) from the far right to the center, the guy in the far lefthand lane also moved to the center. (he, by the way, did not use a turn signal) If it hadn't been for my "cat-like reflexes" (ha!), we definitely would have collided. Once I'd returned to the righthand lane, I was about to give the guy a friendly wave, but when I glanced over at him he was glaring at me and furiously shooting me the bird!

What? I thought. You're the one who didn't signal! The icing on the cake was when this charmer pulled ahead of me and there it was, prominently displayed on the back of his car—the Christian fish!

Am I confident enough in my driving-behavior to stick a fish on my car? I asked myself.

After a few moments, I groaned and admitted, "I guess there's no fish in my future!"

"Don't worry, babe," James assured me. "I'm not going to put one on my car, either!"

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "You, more than anyone else do not drive like a fish!"


Here's a little history I dug up on the Jesus fish:

It's a symbol of Jesus Christ. Lots of believers use this as a symbol of their beliefs because of its historical meaning. Its true name is Ichthys, which is greek for fish, but it is often called a Jesus Fish.

In the Roman Empire, when Christianity was outlawed, Christians would meet in secret. They would use the fish as a sign for where their meetings were to be located. They would also use it as a way to find other Christians without coming out and saying their beliefs - something they could get killed for. Instead, they would draw half the fish into the sand. If the other person knew to draw the other half, he or she was also a Christian and it was safe for them to talk.

No one knows exactly why this symbol was chosen, but some people hypothesize that it is because of Jesus' title as 'the fisher of man' or because the Hebrew word for 'fish' sounds like 'Jesus'.

Closet ClotheSure Challenge Week 17

With the Memorial Day holiday this past Monday, we've got a short work week! (I also participated in the afore-mentioned parade on Thursday in which I wore corporate attire)

Here are Tuesday and Wednesdays selections:

Tuesday -keeping these bright fuchsia capri pants from J.C. Pennys (bought them several years ago for a trade show). I was on the fence with the lace cream Charming Charlie tank, but think I'll keep it as well. The fuchsia Guess pumps are also going back in the closet!

Wednesday - I bought this dress for Easter a few years back from J.C. Pennys. It's a keeper! Super-girly, plus I've got the perfect yellow Jessica Simpson pumps to go with it! As much as this dress, it'd be even better if it had pockets!

Scorecard For The WeeK: Two for two!

From The Garden

I guess the theme this week is hydrangeas! These incredible flowers make me smile. The top photo is from our front yard. (love the blue!) The bottom (pink) bunches are thriving in a shady area down by the creek that runs at the bottom of our property.

Love to all! And remember, God is in control, and hope is on the move!



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