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Are You Really Going To Put Me On Your Prayer List?

As much as I hate to admit it, I've been guilty of telling someone I'd put them on my prayer list and then forgotten to include their need when I prayed.

It's not that I didn't mean it when I said I would, it's just sometimes life gets a little crazy and . . . okay, there's really no great excuse for it.

My friend Lisa has a sure-fire way of making sure she won't forget. If you're talking with her and express concern about something in your life, Lisa will stop whatever she's doing and pray with you right then. "Why wait?" she'll ask. "Let's just pray about it now."

I've always thought this was a pretty awesome thing! Think about it— when someone you know is hurting, why wait until it's convenient for you to pray for them? Why not take a couple of minutes and pray with them in that moment? (It's not like it takes that much time!)

I try to follow Lisa's great example and pray with people on the spot as often as possible. If for some reason, it just isn't possible right then, I'll make a note of it and yes, it really goes on my prayer list.

I also believe God has a sense of humor. Here are some of my other musings on prayer . . .

The "Don't Pray So Much" Lady

These days, it seems like our prayer lists are growing longer as we face new challenges. Recently, a friend shared with me that she felt guilty about praying to God for healing when suffering from a painful bladder infection.

"I feel really bad praying for myself when there's so much craziness going on in this world!" she exclaimed. "My little problem seems very inconsequential. I mean really, how many prayers can God handle?"

This brought to mind a skit I'd seen on Saturday Night Live many years ago where Sally Field prays over everything. Finally, Jesus (played by Phil Hartman) appears and asks her if she can please limit her prayers to only the really important matters.

"It's like the other day when you prayed that the rice wouldn't get sticky!" he tells her. "Do you really need my help with stuff like that?"

I guess I never thought about praying too much, but I know there have been times in my life when I haven't prayed enough and have felt separated from God. It's our prayer life that keeps us closer to our Father and I believe he is always there waiting to hear our requests—no matter how trivial they may be. And, while I don't pray over every little thing,(like my cooking—though, I probably should!) I do ask Him for guidance and strength to be the best person I can be.on a daily basis. After all, here's what His word says about it: Philippians 4:6 it reads - Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

The "Top That Prayer Need" Person

Early in our marriage, my husband James and I were part of a small group consisting of couples from our church. We'd get together for fellowship and food, meeting at each other's homes. At some point during the evening, we would also gather to pray, taking turns with prayer requests.

Now, this is probably going to make me sound uncharitable, but From time to time, I still get a chuckle about someone in our group who always found a way to "top" everyone else's prayer requests. It's not that I found what this person said amusing, it was just that no matter what requests were made, "Top That Prayer Need Person" would always come up with something much bigger.

For example, if I said, "I'd like to pray for a friend who's experiencing some chest pains."

"Top That Prayer Need Person" would say, "Well, I'd like to pray for my friend who had a massive heart attack and is still in the hospital."

If someone else said, "Can we pray for a family member who is struggling with depression?"

"Top That Prayer Need Person" would share a story about someone they knew who'd been in and out of rehab centers coping with mental illness, sometimes going into the sad details of the situation, until (thankfully) our small group leader would gently insist we move forward with the prayer. (Without this intervention, our meetings would've lasted all night long!)

Yeah, I read this back to myself a couple of times, and sharing this does make me sound like an uncharitable person!

I hope you'll keep me on your prayer list! (really!)

Moving On!

Closet ClotheSure Week 18


Ann Taylor windowpane-cut green top with navy Ann Taylor capri pants. (Keeper!)

Tuesday -

Here I'm wearing a long two-piece tunic blouse from White House Black Market. I've paired this slightly shimmery top with white leggings from Gap and some strappy silver sandals. Going to say goodbye to the leggings.


I've had this bright orange Ann Taylor kite skirt for many years and I love the dynamic color! Picked up the nautical tie-back, striped top by GB at Macey's last year. It's a super-fun combo!


I bought this classic fitted dress from White House Black Market five years ago to wear for my son Jacob's college graduation from Berklee College of Music. This dress represents the reason for my Closet ClotheSure Challenge. Five years later, I've still not worn this dress, yet it's been hanging in my closet. Yikes! That's half a decade! Shame on me!


Wishing everyone a happy Friday!

And please remember: God Is In Control and Hope Is On The Move!

Love, Monica


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