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Closet ClotheSure Week One

So, in keeping with the great 2020 No Repeat Work Outfits Challenge, here's Monday's outfit --this one's a keeper! I love the hunter-green color and, of course I had to get the matching choose. #feelinglikeaten This fitted dress is from White House House Black Market. It's going back into my closet! #whitehouseblackmarketdesigns #loveagreatfittingdress

Tuesday rolls around and I've chosen this sweater-ish dress from Ann Taylor. I purchased this off-white number a few years back. Full disclosure, it's a size 12 Petite. #neverbeenpetiteinmylife I'm not sure what I was thinking here, but this dress has never looked good on me, yet I paid full price for it so I kept it around. Not anymore! It's going bye-bye! #stopkiddingyourself #itsnotAnnTaylorsfault

Hump Day! It was cold in Dallas when I wore this on Wednesday. Like many of my clothes, I ordered this sweater dress online from New York & Company. This is the second time I've worn it. The first time—bleh! The second time? Never again! I love the color, but this thing hangs on me like a sack—definitely not "Feeling Like A Ten" Material. Goodbye, teal sweater dress. #saggysweaterssuck #tealistherealdeal #loveitorloseit

And, this takes us to Thursday! Jennifer Lopez sweater dress! (love her!!!!) I picked this thermal purply-blue number up at Kohls a few years back. It's super comfortable and somewhat flattering—but! (maybe like the gal wearing it!) it's showing it's age. This is another one of those, "Why Am I Keeping This Dress?" garments. The color is great, but I'm thinking it's time for us to say adíos. I'll let some other gal rock this one!

On a side note: Outfit prepping for the week is way more involved than meal prepping! Figuring out what you're going to wear on Sunday for Monday through Thursday is a bit of a beating. But! No worries, I'm going to stick with this until I run out of clothes! Stay tuned!


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