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Dial it back, already!

Okay. I admit it. I may be a bit of a diva (as evidenced in the photo above taken in Cancun a couple of years ago) Truthfully, I thought the golden chairs were a wee bit gaudy, but when James insisted I pose in one of them, I jumped at the chance! (diva!)

Today marks the fourth day we've worked from home. Nick, our youngest, has come by daily and we're working on the new TVG Marketing Services website. An amiable young man, Nick and I normally get along just great. I love his sense of humor and witty remarks. Today . . . not so much!

I woke up kind of cranky!

I'm lucky because most days I wake up ready to conquer the world. I'm not even kidding—my best ideas and inspiration hit while I'm preparing for the day. I'm thankful for my internal alarm clock which hastens me out of bed, usually before 5:30 am.

Today my plan was to get up at my regular time and run before dawn.

"We've gotta stay with our regular routine," I told my husband. "No more of this behaving like every day is Saturday!"

Friday morning rolled around. No phone alarm was set because I didn't think one was needed. Guess what? An alarm was needed. Yours truly slept like a rock until nearly seven a.m.. Although I didn't fall asleep until after midnight, that's still not cool. I stumbled down the stairs mad at myself for:

#1 Not setting an alarm

#2 All the carbs I'd eaten the day before

#3 Not setting my running clothes out

#4 Saying negative things about, well—everything!

So, this takes me back to Nick.

As I'm busily writing copy, he comes in and questions things I'm actually pretty proud of. "What the heck, Mom?" he asked. "We need to keep the copy short and to the point. Your writing just keeps blathering on and on . . ."

I'll spare you the details, but my reaction was a little like this:

Nope! More like this:

Or . . . truly, more like this:

Yeah! Because, like a diva, I'm always right! tee hee!


Okay, so, normally on Friday nights I recap the outfits I've worn as part of my 2020 Closet ClotheSure Challenge.

Last Sunday, James shot these pics of me as I determine what stays and what goes in my closets. Now, let's be real: I didn't actually wear these to the office this week because there is no going to the office anymore. (for the time being)

Since the challenge is helping me rid my closets of stuff that doesn't make me feel like I ten, for your amusement (and my own), here's what we've got:

This Gabrielle Union mustard-colored suit with matching pumps by Jessica Simpson are both keepers. Love the color and the wide, cinch belt. #gabrielleunion #mustard

Tuesday, another New York & Company sleeveless sweater dress. Green and black plaid paired with some shoe-boots from White House Black Market. #keepinit #greenandblack

Blue and green striped long skirt from Ann Taylor. Shoes from Eva Mendes and blouse from Macy's. Fun and frolicky, I'll keep these pieces for another day! #greenday #blueandgreen #itsnoteasybeinggreen #greenwithenvy #anntaylor #evamendes #macys

Thursday. Ordinarily, I make a decision on whether an outfit stays or goes based entirely on whether or not it makes me feel like a ten. This gray White House Black Market long-sleeved dress was on the cutting block and I was ready to give it the old heave-ho until my husband insisted I keep it. (What's better than having your guy tell you that you look great?)

After much consideration, this one stays. Love the Vera Wang silver beaded strand necklace I picked up at Kohls a few years back.


Tomorrow is another fun-filled day as we shelter-in and discover new and exciting things about one another. I'm so blessed to have a loving family and friends who are only a phone call, text message or face-time away.

I'm thankful that we're still able to work and promote our clients in The Vendor Guide—in print and online.

Stay safe, my friends and remember—God is in control and hope is on the move!

Love to all!



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