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Finally Friday . . .

It's been a long, "short week" for me! So happy it's Friday and it's definitely time to unwind! But first, let me fill you in on the three work outfits I chose for Tues, Wed & Thurs. I'm happy to report - sort of- that we're three for three this week as far as closet keepers. In fact, the only thing that's going away will be Thursday's shoes—four-inch, black pumps from White House, Black Market. While they still look great, they've never been a great fit.

As you may recall, part of my Closet ClotheSure Challenge for 2020 is to rid my closets of anything that doesn't make me feel like a ten. These pumps weigh in at a weak three! Although they're the right size (ironically enough, a perfect size ten), they've never fit well and my big feet tend to slip in them. (That's a big, fat no bueno when you're running around delivering products for clients).

The scorecard for this week is three for three as far as dresses. The pumps and three sweaters (I wore in Washington last weekend) are going bye-bye. #nolongerneeded

I think it's interesting how so many of us have multiple sizes in our closets. Here's a quick excerpt from my first romance novel, 30-Love, where Charlie Valdez speaks to this issue:

"I'm not ashamed of how I look, and I'll even share that I usually wear a size twelve. But, there are also fourteens hanging in my closet. I do not consider myself to be overweight. I take care of myself, and I love who I am."

Like me, Charlie is very outspoken. I love the way she stands up for herself with her boyfriend's mother, a petite woman who has never known the struggles most women have with body image. This is one of my favorite parts of the story. I put the Amazon link above, but you can also get this book online at Barnes & Noble. #bodyshamingisreal

Getting back to the "too many sizes in my closet" issue, this has definitely been something I've struggled with over the years. The fact is, I'm five-ten and my closets have everything from fours to twelves hanging in them. (I tend to get a little "fluffy" in the winter months!)

A big part of this challenge is staying consistent with my weight and also wearing age-appropriate attire. (you'll be seeing some dresses I've kept that will make you wonder why I've hung onto them for so long because they're definitely a younger gal's thing. I promise I'm still going to wear them eventually as part of the challenge before I surrender them to someone else!)

Too long, too short, too sparkly, too clingy, too see-through, all will be exposed in my upcoming blogs. And, as promised, I will go into detail (I hope everyone can handle this!) in an upcoming post on the hated: Fat Sucking Garments—or in marketing terms: "body-smoothers" (read between the lines: these help you suck in what can actually be sucked in!)

It's true, we've come a long way, baby! Thank you, (I think) Spanx! (I like to be able to breathe throughout the day!)

Maybe breathing is overrated?


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