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I Know There's Stuff In Your Closet You Don't LOVE!

So, on this Valentine's Day 2020, as I'm about to get ready for a hot date with my husband, James. Let's take a moment and reflect on what stays and what will go—in regard to my work outfits from Week #2 of Closet ClotheSure!

Monday -

Well, now . . . this Ann Taylor wool dress spoke to me a few years ago. "Buy me!" she said. So, I did. I've worn it maybe three times. It's not that the dress doesn't fit, but, dang! It's so scratchy! I'm not sure about the boxy waistline, either. It's time to say goodbye, blue scratchy dress! I hope someone else will fall in love with you! On a side note: the grey boots from White House Black Market are keepers! #scratchmenot #itsabootday #makemewanttoownit

Tuesday rolls around and there's this:

Also from Ann Taylor, this heavy black sweater dress has been in my closet forever. It's still in good condition, but I'm thinking it's time for us to part ways. I do love my black, Jessica Simpson heeled, black boots, though! They always make me feel like a ten!!! #lovetheboots

This brings us to Hump Day where I donned this fun sweater dress—a little something I picked up at SteinMart a couple of years ago. I bought the matching accessories at the same time - actually took them off the mannequin!

I'm usually in a pretty sunny mood, but this dress always makes me feel super happy. I love the color and the fun cut! #keepinit #partydress #funandflirty #accessoriesmaketheoutfit

I had a work event on Thursday so I wore corporate attire—sounds a little stuffy, I know. Don't be fooled - it was jeans and boots! Yay!

Friday Fun Day - also Valentine's Day and here we are:

Love, love, love this Eva Mendes sleeveless sweater dress! Such a fun, high-spirited thing, especially with my tall red boots. Keepin' it for sure! #evamendesforever #redbootsrock #feelingthelovetoday #thesebootsweremakeforstompin

So, I got to wear a lot of my boots this week which was super fun! It reminds me of something in my new book, "It Happened In The Hill Country" which was just released on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

"I have a sizable boot collection," Jill confessed. "Collecting them is sort of a hobby of mine."

If you love dogs, horses, Texas, baseball players—well, this is the book for you!

See ya next week



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