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Me Versus My Closet(s)

I'll be the first to admit, when it comes to organization, I'm my own worst enemy! For me, as long as things look tidy when I walk into a room, I'm happy. A deeper probe will reveal that shoved in drawers and closets lies disarray of epic proportions. Honestly, it's hard for me to find anything—mostly because I have too much stuff! I'm going to give you all a peek into one of my three closets. For me, this is a little like wearing a bikini on a public beach. Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to describe it!

I know! It's a hot mess, right? (remember, this is a no-judgment zone!)

This is actually a picture of our master bedroom closet of which I've commandeered a sizeable chunk of real estate. I feel a twinge of guilt (just a twinge) because my sweet husband, James has just a wee bit of space on the front end of this ridiculously small storage space. I keep assuring him that soon, he'll re-gain some hanger space.

This is a good time to remember the rules of the Closet ClotheSure Challenge of 2020:

1. I must wear a different outfit to work Monday through Thursday until I run out of clothes

2. I must wear what's in my closet—if it's hanging in there, I must have had a reason to keep it.

3. I cannot buy any new clothes during the challenge.

4. Anything that does not make me feel like a ten will be donated after wearing.

Ugh! Why did I agree to this? It's hard work "outfit-prepping" for four days on Sundays. Plus, I've gotta coordinate with James to take photos. (I'm the world's worst selfie-taker). I'm lucky my husband is such a good sport about this wardrobe challenge. Perhaps it's a little altruistic of him since he knows he'll be the beneficiary of more closet space, but I'll take whatever I can get. I'm happy for his help."

I've had some friends ask me about my Closet ClotheSure Challenge wondering why I have so many clothes. In a nutshell, I'll quote Charlie Valdez from my book, 30-Love:

"I'm not ashamed of how I look, and I'll even share that I usually wear a size 12. But there are also 14's hanging in my closet. I do not consider myself to be overweight. I take care of myself, and I love who I am."

Okay - so, that was a little plug for my new rom/com, 30-Love, but I promise, it relates to what we're talking about here! After all, Charlie's shop is named, "Charlotte's Closet!" Like most of us, she fights the closet beast on a daily basis!


And here we are! Week two of the Closet ClotheSure Challenge. These are my Monday-Thursday work outfits. Which ones will stay, which will go? I'll be back later this week for a day-by-day breakdown. Hint: The blue wool is a little scratchy! I hate scratchy clothes! But then again, there's this whole feelin' like a ten thing!


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