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Meal Prepping vs. Outfit Prepping

Above are the three work outfits I chose for Week 4 of my Closet ClotheSure Challenge. I'm loving that I outsmarted my closet this week, knowing that by the time I got home tonight, I would not feel like Outfit Prepping. In fact, here's a little peek behind the curtain of where I am right now:

It's a cold, rainy Monday morning here in Blaine, Washington. I've spent the last couple of hours reflecting on the life of my Bob Dad, listening to the howling wind and the seagulls. Outside my window is Drayton Harbor. Our balcony overlooks the boat docks and beyond them, the breathtaking Semiahmoo Bay.

James and I said what might be our final goodbyes to Bob yesterday. Before we left, James took a photo of Bob and me. I'd popped a cowboy hat on Bob's head and he laughed and grabbed another one and stuck it on mine!

We've had such a wonderful time here. Although it's been a little bittersweet, for the most part, we've laughed much more than we've cried. We are so blessed to have so many amazing memories with this man. After marrying my mom, Bob moved from Alaska to Texas—a radical change in environment to say the least!

After we lost Franny in 2011, Bob returned to the north, living just a wee bit south of Canada. (I always say you can throw a rock and hit Canada from his front porch!) This area is truly beautiful and I think it always smells like Christmas!

In addition to wineries, this region is also known for its huge crops of tulips and daffodils which are grown here and shipped all over the United States.

This shot is from about five years ago. The flower fields aren't quite in bloom yet this year, but they will be in a couple more weeks. I've never seen anything quite like these stunning fields—the color goes on as far as the eye can see! The tulips are even more incredible!


So, here we are back to Week 4 of The Great Closet ClotheSure Challenge!

Tomorrow - plum-colored, lace dress from White House Black Market. This dress has been in my closet for about three years. I love that it has pockets & that I have the perfectly plum-colored, back lace-up books to go with it!

On Wednesday, the red boots are a personal favorite. I may lose the black tights depending on the weather in Dallas on Hump Day. The dress is one I bought at SteinMart a few years back. This one may be on the chopping block - stay tuned!

For Thursday, I've chosen this long-sleeved black, stretch dress from White House Black Market. It's quite form-fitting and will definitely require an "Amazing Fat Sucker" (more on this to come!) Shoes also from White House Black Market my not make the cut - they're not very comfortable, but I love their classic look. Guess we'll find out on Thursday!

Rewind to the beginning of this post: Outfit Prepping is way more involved than Meal Prepping, but both can save you a lot of headaches and get you out the door on time!

I guess like anything else, once you get in the habit of doing it, it gets easier!


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