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Sleepy in Seattle . . .

It's the night before my flight to Bellingham, Washington, and darned if I don't have that same, horrible dream:

I'm back in high school and the tardy bell has rung. I'm frantic because I can't get my locker open to retrieve my books for the next class! The hallway is deserted as all the other kids disappear into their classrooms. I'm left alone and panicked.

I remember sharing this dream with a friend a few years ago. Surprisingly enough, she has a similar nightmare, except with her, it's a gym locker that won't open and the coach comes into the locker room and screams at her. (I think this would be worse!)

I'm sure these dreams have something to do with the anxiety of not being able to get to where I'm supposed to be when I need to be there.

So, here I am with a four-hour layover in Seattle operating on very little sleep. I think the whole "locker-that-won't-open" dream occurred around 2 am and I've been up ever since. Our Lyft driver was supposed to pick us up at 5 am. For some reason, he could get to our house until 5:30. James and I jumped in my car and drove ourselves to the airport. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong airport—something we learned as we were going through the TSA checkpoint.

I'm not even sure how we managed to get to Love Field in time for our 6:30 boarding. It was raining and dark, but miraculously, the Dallas traffic was moving smoothly!

Yeah, this is what I look like after sprinting from the parking garage through the terminal in my boots after getting maybe four hours of sleep! Not fabulous!!! #bootsforrunning #alwayscheckyouritenerary #maybesleepisoverated #checkoutthosebags

From Seattle, it's a short forty-minute flight into Bellingham, then about thirty minutes to Blaine where my Bob-Dad lives.

This is my fourth time to visit Bob in beautiful Washington State! I'm so excited to see him later today! #blaineisbeautiful #thegreatoutdoors #itsmellslikechristmashere

From The Great 2020 Closet ClotheSure Challenge:

As I mentioned a few days ago, with my trip to Washington, it was a short work week. The white dress I wore on Monday from New York & Company is no longer in my closet. Too tight and much too sheer—it went bye-bye!

The red dress (also from New York & Company) and the blue one (from Ann Taylor) are keepers, So, two outta three! #cullingitdown #redwhiteandblueweek


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