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A Whole Lotta Pink Goin' On Here!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Yeah, so this incredible "sleevy" dress requires my most supportive Incredible Fat Sucker (see my last post if you're confused!) I love the great color and also the crazy big sleeves. (my husband, James hates this dress, but remember The Great Closet CotheSure of 2020 is not about what other people think, it's about keeping only the things that make me feel like a ten!)

Honestly, the sleeves are a bit of a hassle, but totally worth it! Digging that the dress matches my fuchsia shoes perfectly and I also have the matching Guess purse. I tagged this dress as worn on Monday and stored it in my Keepers Closet!

Here are Tuesday and Wednesday's outfits along with my decision:

Scoring a WIN-WIN for these two dresses, both from New York & Company. I think I've already raved about the pink-leopard Milano Blahnik pumps that match the dress and overcoat outfit I wore on Tuesday. (full disclosure, it was raining that day so I packed an extra set of black flats - can't get my one and only pair of Milano Blahnik shoes wet!)

Wednesday's sweater dress from New York and Company is a fun item I've had for about four years. Love matching it with my red boots. With spring around the corner, this may be the end for both sweater dresses and fashion boots! Keepers for sure!

And now, for the moment of truth!

The Pink Jumpsuit!

There a so many reasons this bodysuit must go. This is the second time I've worn it and frankly, I hated to put it on yesterday. Here are some reasons why:

1. Well, it's a jumpsuit!

2. Hate the fabric!

3. It's a jumpsuit!

4. Off-the-shoulder neckline makes for a challenging bra situation!

5. Have I mentioned, it's a jumpsuit?

6. What's going on with the waistline?

I know, you're like: Didn't she know it was a jumpsuit when she bought a jumpsuit?

Okay, simmer down here. I liked it online so I bought it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the last jumpsuit I'll ever buy!

So, there we go, folks. Looks like I'm keeping three work outfits and giving the pink jumpsuit to a friend. (hopefully, she's not a big water drinker! Ladies, you get this, right?) ha!

On my way out the door - spring has sprung here in Big D and I can't wait to hit the trail in the morning!

To all of my friends out there, please remember to be true to yourself! You're in control of your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you're not a ten!!!!

Have a great weekend!


1 Yorum

13 Mar 2020

I love the dress! Those sleeves give me life!

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