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Love Lesson From A Friend

Deb and me attending TAA Expo Event, Hyatt Regency, Dallas 2014

In my romance novel, It Happened In The Hill Country (available on Amazon), a conversation takes place between two siblings. While they’re saying goodbye, the sister tells her brother she loves him and he repeats the phrase back to her before they part ways. As the story unfolds, the brother is thankful he spoke those three important words.

I included this in my book because although I come from a very close-knit family, we weren’t always in the habit of saying ‘I love you” to each other—especially those of us who saw one another on a regular basis.

This all changed one day many years ago when I was driving somewhere with my mom Franny and I received a call from a friend and co-worker. We had a short conversation and before hanging up, I said, “I love you, too.”

Franny, who was riding shotgun, turned to me with a surprised look. “Didn’t you just see Deb yesterday?” she asked. “Do you tell her you love her every time you two talk?”

I thought for a moment. “Well, I’m not sure,” I replied. “But she always says it to me so I feel compelled to say it back. Besides, I do love her so why not tell her? It doesn’t hurt anything.”

“Well, you don’t always tell me you love me,” Mom pointed out.

“I guess that’s just the way Deb’s family rolls. In our family, we all know we love each other, we just don’t always say it. Besides, you and I are together multiple times a week and we talk on the phone several times a day. That might be excessive ‘I love you-ing’, don’t you think?” I teased.

I could tell by Franny’s expression she wasn’t letting this one go. “I think that if you can tell Deborah you love her that frequently, then you can tell me, too. After all, I am your mother,” she said.

I laughed and gave her a playful pat on the leg. “As if I need you to remind me of that! When you think about it, it’s really a good thing to do. We never know when we say goodbye if it will be for the last time or not. Who knows? One of us could get hit by a bus or something.”

I watched as Franny nodded in agreement. “You’re right. We’re not promised tomorrow. I think we should start doing the ‘I love you thing’ every time we say goodbye, too.”

And that’s how Mom and I stole a page from Deb’s playbook. I also started saying ‘I love you’ more to other family members and most of my friends.

Loving and being loved are two very extraordinary things. Why not take an extra couple of seconds to tell those you genuinely care about that you love them? As I said, it doesn’t hurt anything and your last goodbye could truly be your last goodbye!


Closet ClotheSure Week 51 It's really hard for me to believe that next week will be the end of my Closet ClotheSure Challenge! For nearly a year now, I've been donating anything that doesn't make me feel like a "ten". Here's this week's recap:

Monday -

I kicked the week off wearing a cute, baby-doll style dress by Eva Mendes (New York & Company), pairing it with my favorite dress boots from White House Black Market.

As much as I like the color of this dress, I think the style is a little "young" for me. I'll be passing this piece on to my niece Holly. (And, Holly, if you're reading this, you're not getting the boots! LOL!)

Tuesday -

At the start of each week, I always post all four work outfits on social media and ask my friends which ones they think will get the boot. This week I announced that three of the four were going bye-bye.

This two-piece ensemble was a favorite, however; the top is already packed up and ready to be donated. This black sweater is from Ann Taylor. It was a gift from a friend years ago and this is the first and last time I'll wear it. The reason is that I don't like the waistband or the neckline. The bright red jeggings from Gap, I'll hang onto for a bit. They are perfect with my tall black boots by Guess.

Wednesday -

Hump Day's outfit is the big keeper of the week! From New York & Company, this poppy-purple dress is well-cut and goes well with a black blazer.

This past Wednesday was cold and rainy so I added some sheer black tights for warmth and to finish the look.

Thursday -

I picked this dress up a couple of years ago off the sales rack at White House Black Market for a song.

Although it fits, the dress does a funky "puckering" thing along some of the seams. It's not something I get excited about wearing! Also, the colors are just a little "bleh" on me. I've got someone in mind I'd like to give this garment to who will look dynamite in it!


From The Great Outdoors -

I took this photo from our front door this winter. I just loved how the clouds were swept to one side of the moon.

James and I often come across this sign on our walks near Lake Grapevine. What an encouraging message in these trying days!

Praying for our country and also each of you. Wishing you peace, joy, and love!



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