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Suffering From Stress? Let Go & Let Dog!

I debated with myself about the subject line for this blog. I almost went with: And They Call It Puppy Love, but instead, chose the stress-coping angle. The reason being is that everyone loves a puppy. I mean, what's not to like? There's the puppy-breath, the adorable grunts and whines, and mostly just the overall cuteness factor! There's just something about a puppy that melts people's hearts. Babies do the same for most people (sans the puppy-breath) but I'm going to go out there and say that across the board, puppies are where it's at!

There's a reason the Hallmark Channel stops running its sappy romance shows on Christmas Day and plays a solid stream of footage featuring frolicking puppies and kittens. (I'll admit to being mesmerized by these, how about you?) It's because images of these tiny baby dogs are adorable (or, as we say in our house, "a-dogable").

So, the above photo is not only "a-dogable", it also introduces everyone to my new granddog. His name is Dallas and well, let me just say, not to sound boastful or anything, but he may well be the perfect dog. (I've forgiven him for relieving himself—or "piddling just a little" as my son, Nick described it) on one of my kitchen mats.

Ordinarily, I'm more of a cat person because I didn't grow up with dogs. As part of a military family, (my Burt Dad was in the Air Force), we moved several times during my childhood. Interestingly enough, these relocations were from Texas to Alaska (a couple of times), and back again to Texas. Although my sisters and I always wanted a dog, we were told it couldn't happen.

I remember living on a base near Fairbanks (Eielson A.F.B.) when we had a white cat named Marshmellow. This unfortunate feline was our first family pet (before this, we had a short-lived love affair with a German shepherd pup named Lady, but that's for another blog), I say it was unfortunate for Marshmellow because we all smothered her with affection (not something a cat particularly enjoys!) We even took her camping with us to Mt. McKinley. (If you've ever wondered what it's like being trapped in a camper with six people and a cat box, let me assure you, it's not a good thing!)

Here's Ms. Marshmellow under the Christmas tree sometime in the 70's . . .

Our mom, Franny found Marshmellow a loving home right before we had to transfer back to San Antonio. The family that took our cat lived on the other end of the base from us.

Right before we left, my sisters and I were on our back patio and noticed a white, familiar cat walking toward us. It was Marshmellow! She'd somehow escaped her new owners and had traveled across the base in search of our family.

They say a cat will always find its way home. This was proof-positive it's true. After many tears and cuddles, we packed Marshmellow back into the car and returned her to her new family. She was a really cool cat.

But I digress. Or perhaps, in this case, I dog-gress! (tee-hee!)


At last! Something with more wrinkles than me!

So, this is Nick's new puppy, Dallas, and me on the fourth of July. This little baby dog is . . . well, he is so, so sweet!

Although it's only been a week, this red pup was quick to work his way into our hearts. Dallas Dog is so incredibly awesome. He's a Vizsla. This breed is known for its energy, affection, and gentleness. They're also very curious and are wonderful companions—the perfect choice for Nick. (And our entire family!)

That being said, Dallas is a total motivation-killer for me! As a lot of you know, I find it hard to sit still for too long. When Dallas comes over, everything slows to a stop and well, it looks a little something like this:

Once I stop writing (or whatever I'm doing) and cuddle up with this dog, it's all over! In fact, it's gotten "so bad" that I neglected a deadline in lieu of snuggling up with Dallas. I'll work on it once Nick and Dallas leave, I told myself. Yeah, that didn't happen. I've found that once you've fallen under the puppy spell, forget about moving forward with anything else you'd planned on doing!

And, although I'm a bit of an over-achiever and a self-admitted sweating-the-small-stuff-kind-of-person, I'm thinking that maybe it's all right to stop to smell the roses for a change. (Or, in this case, the puppy breath!)

Now, if we can just train Dallas to stop "piddling just a little" on the rugs!


Closet ClotheSure Challenge Week 23:

Monday - Ann Taylor classic cut summer dress. I absolutely love this yellow and black dress. Here's the problem: it was too small for me when I bought it. Although the salesperson said it looked great when I tried it on, (she must have been on commission!) I needed the next size up. Wish I wouldn't have listened to her advice because this size 6 is now finding a new home with a friend of mine. Note: This is a great example of why I needed to do Closet ClotheSure—I purchased this dress nearly ten years ago and have only worn it twice. I kept thinking there'd come a day when I'd be able to really fit into it so it's been hanging in the "skinny clothes" section of my closet. Shame on me!

Tuesday - Eva Mendes all day looooong! This nifty pocketed dress is a fairly new addition to my closet. I purchased it a few weeks before Closet ClotheSure started. I added the mustard-yellow wide belt for effect. The combination of purple, green, and black really makes a statement. Keeper!

Wednesday - I'm going with a hunter green pencil skirt from White House Black Market & a sleeveless top from New York & Company. I absolutely love pairing green and pink together!

The high-heeled matching sandals are from Charming Charlie (I sure miss their stores!) I'll keep both these pieces.

Thursday - I'm digging this floral blouse by Express. I've paired it with some navy trousers from New York & Company. Although it's crazy hot here in Dallas, I'm going to try to incorporate some of my many slacks into The Challenge so I don't end up with a closet full of pants at the end!


From The Garden

Our home sits at the top of a hill and there's a small creek that runs along the bottom of our property. Earlier this week, we had a crazy thunderstorm that turned the creek into a raging river. Here are some shots:

This is what it usually looks like!

And, here's what Cabbit Cat thinks about all of this:

So, there you have it, my friends!

Love to all of you, email me if you need me (I'm always available to talk or pray with you about anything), and mostly, remember: God is in control and hope is on the move!



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