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The Disintegrating Dress

In my ongoing 2020 Closet ClotheSure Challenge, I reluctantly wore this short-sleeve sweater dress from Ann Taylor to work on Monday. Although it's never made me feel like a ten (the determining factor as to whether or not it goes back in my closet), I've held onto the dress for years.

The best thing about this dress was the "pleather" trim down the sides—other than that, it was ill-fitting and hung like a bag on me. I paired it with my favorite black boots and headed out the door.

At lunch in our breakroom that day, my friend and co-worker, Jennifer, who's been the recipient of a couple of garments I've shed during the challenge, asked if I planned on keeping the dress.

"No way!" I replied. "I consider this a punishment dress. I'm only wearing it because one of the rules of the Closet ClotheSure Challenge is that if I've held onto something, I must wear it one last time before getting rid of it. It's part of my self-imposed penance for keeping things I don't really love."

"Hmm," she said, studying the dress. "I like the leather trim and the cute bow on the side."

Puzzled, I lifted my left arm higher to see where she was pointing. I was unpleasantly surprised to see that the pleather trim was peeling off the dress and curling into a little black curly-cue.

"This is so not cool!" I exclaimed. "I didn't notice the trim was coming loose when I put it on this morning!"

Before I could stop myself, I gently tugged on the pleather strip which quickly resulted in creating a sizable hole just below the armpit area. "Now I've just made it worse!" I groaned.

"Check out the strip on the other side," Jennifer encouraged, amused by my predicament. "It looks like you have the same problem there."

Sure enough, the darned pleather trim was coming off there, too!

"Don't pull on it," Jennifer advised helpfully.

Rolling my eyes at her, I realized everyone in the breakroom was watching me.

"I think some of the yarn around the neckline is coming undone," volunteered another co-worker.

I took a deep breath and clamped my left arm back down to cover the hole I'd created.

"I guess I'll call this, The Disintegrating Dress!" I told everyone with a chuckle. "There's no doubt this one's headed for the trashcan!"

Although I had to keep my arms glued to my sides for the rest of the afternoon, thankfully I made it home before the entire dress fell apart!

So, Monday's dress for the week is long gone and good riddance! Here's what's up with Tues, Wed, and Thursday:

Tuesday: I was in a Jennifer Lopez top and matching burgundy trousers from New York & Company. I have tons of slacks in my closet, but usually opt for dresses or skirts. This outfit is a keeper, but I'm vowing to get rid of some of my pants. (stay tuned!)

Wednesday: Blue mock-turtleneck top from Loft and Eva Mendes skirt with awesome pockets. Love the colors in this look - keeping the skirt, but donating the sweater!

Thursday: Off-white, full-zipper front fitted dress from White House Black Market. One of my favorites and I hate that I won't be able to wear it again for a while! #whitehouseblackmarket #evemendes #skirtswithpockets #feelinlikeaten #closetclothesure


Have a great weekend, everyone! And, don't forget . . .



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