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Bedazzle me—not!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Here's a little bonus shot before we began taking a look at this week's Closet ClotheSure Challenge. Like a crazy person, I was thinking that I might wear this ensemble to work on Monday. Thrilled that I'd worked ahead for one of my Monday-Thursday outfits, I had my son Nick snap this photo.

"Your dad will be super thrilled that instead of taking four photos of me on Sunday, he'll only need to take three!" I shared with Nick over lunch.

"Wait! You're wearing that to work?" Nick asked.

I watched as he scrunched up his face in disbelief. "I thought you were only wearing things that made you feel like a ten," he remarked.

Thrilled that my kid was actually reading my blog, I nodded enthusiastically and said, "You're right. If I make it through the day without feeling like a ten, the outfit goes away. That's the rule. I have to wear only the stuff in my closets until I run out of clothes."

"And, that bedazzled sweater makes you feel like a ten?" he asked, doubt clearly written all over his face.

"Well . . . it did!" I exclaimed defensively. "What? You don't like it?"

"No comment!" Nick replied.

"If you have something to say, go ahead and say it!" I demanded. "And remember, part of the challenge is that I don't care what anyone else thinks about how I look. It's all about how I feel in my clothes."

Surveying the sushi menu, Nick merely said, "Hello? This is 2001. We'd like our blingy sweater back, please!"

It took a moment for his jab to sink in before I exploded in laughter. "Oh, my gosh! This is a bedazzled sweater! But look at the cool neckline! See the awesome cut-out?" I pointed out. "This was a very expensive sweater!"

"Two-thousand and one," Nick remarked with a smirk. "Still feelin' like a ten?"

Sighing deeply, I looked down at the sparkling gemstones on my sweater. "Guess this is headed for the donation box," I replied. "But since you've hurt my feelings, you're buying lunch today!" #sushi #bedazzleisover #shiningon #thetruthhurts #feelinlikeaten #texasgalsdontcare #smileyoureintexas #closetclothesure #honestly

Closet ClotheSure and the week ahead!

Monday's dress is hovering right on the line. It's an old Ann Taylor, short-sleeved sweater dress with leather trim down the side seams. Stay tuned . . . I may be saying farewell to this one.

It's Tuesday and I'm still looking unhappy! Could it be the sushi lunch conversation with Nick where he dissed my bedazzled sweater? The burgundy trousers are from New York & Company. Burgundy t-shirt by J. Lo. An easy look for sure! Perfect for all the deliveries I'll be doing! #burgundybythebook #jenniferlopez #newyorkandcompany #stayinstyle

Hump Day! Lovin' this blue and purple skirt by Eva Mendes. (I think I've mentioned that I adore anything with pockets!) James hates this skirt because he doesn't think it's very flattering on me, but I love the colors. (and the pockets!) In my haste to prep for the photo, I left an iron burn on the turtle neck sweater—oops! #sweatergoesbyebye #skirtisawinner #ironinsideout #pocketsarethebomb #evamendes #purple #humpday

It's Thursday again and I'm wearing an old favorite from White House Black Market. The only thing that would make this dress more perfect is if it had pockets! Love the full zipper-down front and the cut. This is definitely a girly-girl dress. Very feminine.

You may note in the photo I'm going to pair it with my one and only Jimmy Choo handbag. This leather purse was a gift from a dear friend. It works well with anything cream or off-white and I'm so proud to carry it in memory of Mandy Howe. #jimmychoo #offwhiteouttasight #feellikeawoman #rockthedress

The design of the off-white dress from White House Black Market reminds me of an outfit Charlie Valdez wore when she was flying back home to Dallas after a modeling assignment in California. Here's an excerpt from my first romance novel, 30-Love:

Charlie laughed with her friend. "Well, I really appreciate the compliments. Coming from you, it means a lot. Actually, this little number makes me feel like doing something more like this . . . "

Charlie set her suitcase down and did a graceful spin with the lovely green dress swirling around her. "I love to wear fun, girly clothes! They make me feel very flirty and sexy!"

You can get your copy of this fun romance novel now on Amazon:

Buy 30 Love on Amazon Here


From The Garden . . .

#springtimeinTexas #letsdiginthedirt #texasspringtimerocks #smileyoureintexas

I don't know about you, but I've got a serious case of spring fever! Here are some fun shots of our backyard as it pulls out of its winter hibernation! Love the daffodils! Bring on the spring time!

#daffodils #bluebonnetsyet #rabbitsabound #aplaceforrabbits

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