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Don't Ask The Question If You Can't Handle The Answer

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

When my youngest son, Nick returned home from college, he noticed the crazy amount of clothes in my closets.

“I bet you could go the rest of the year without wearing the same thing twice!” he remarked.

This got me to thinking . . .

I do have a lot of stuff! Like most women, I have clothes that range in several sizes – from the things I wear when I get a little on the "fluffy side", to my skinny jeans.

I remembered years ago, hearing a motivational speaker say that we should go through our closets and rid ourselves of anything that doesn’t make us feel like a “Perfect 10”.

It was a combination of both of these things that made me realize it was time for a closet-purge!

And thus, nearly three months ago now, I began—

Monica’s Closet ClotheSure Challenge 2020

1. I must wear a different outfit to work, Monday through Thursday without repeats until I run out of clothes.

2. I must wear what’s in my closet. If something’s hanging in there, I must have had a reason to keep it, right?

3. I cannot buy any new clothes during The Challenge—gasp!

4. Anything that doesn’t make me feel like a “ten” when I’m wearing it will be donated to charity or given to a family member or friend.

One of the things I love (and sometimes not-so-much) about my husband James is that he's always honest with me.

This is why I know if I put something on and ask James, "Does this make me look fat?", I need to brace myself for the answer—because he will definitely tell me!

Now, in fairness to James, he never actually uses the word "fat" —usually, his reply will go something like this: "You might want to hold off on wearing that for a while." Or the even more diplomatic question: "Does it feel a little tight, babe?" (this is code for: "Yes - it definitely looks too small on you!")

Since he's also my behind-the-scenes photographer for Closet ClotheSure, he tends to throw in his two-cents on the various outfits I'm wearing.

"I like this one!" he'll exclaim. "I hope you're going to keep it." Or, "That dress looks really comfortable." (this is code for something he thinks is "not-fabulous")

Actually what he says most of the time is—"Wow! You have way too much stuff!"

It's true. My wardrobe takes up the majority of our master bedroom closet plus all of the space in the other two bedroom closets. (embarrassing, right?)

"It doesn't matter what you think!" I'll tell him. "The challenge is about me feeling like a ten when I'm wearing something!"

One time as I was heading back upstairs to change into another outfit, he asked, "Is this one 'Feeling Like a Ten Material'?"

"You'll have to read my blog!" I teased.

"Hey, as long as I'm eventually getting my side of the closet back, I'm happy!" he replied.

Closet ClotheSure Week #12

Since we started "sheltering in place" last month, I've taken to calling The Closet ClotheSure Challenge, What I Would Have Worn To Work This Week. Frankly, I've been tempted to put the entire project on hold until we all start going back to the office again. But I've never been a quitter and folks are telling me they're intrigued by the project so, without further ado,

Here's the recap from this past week:

Monday - This royal blue swing dress has been in my closet forever. However, this will be its last hurrah. Designed by Ellen Tracy, it's a little snug "up top" and I've never loved the fabric.

Tuesday: From White House Black Market this dress is a keeper! I like the squared-off neckline and adore anything with pockets!

Wednesday - This figure-hugging two-tone, black and blue dress from New York and Company is another long-time favorite. It looks great with a black blazer, but most of the time here in Texas, sleeveless is the way to go!

Thursday - Oh, no!

I thought I was going to love this light denim dress when I bought it last summer from New York & Company. It's super soft and I do like the flared sleeves. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm wearing a blue jean bag! So, I'm adding this one to the donation pile. (and, for the record—not that it matters, mind you—but James has never liked this dress-he told me it looked "very comfortable" —ugh!

So, two out of four this week ain't bad!

Here's A Sneak Peek At Next Week's Outfits:

Closet ClotheSure continues . . .

Wishing you blessings - and remember, God is in control, and hope is on the move!



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