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It's Harder To Stick Your Foot in Your Mouth When Wearing a Mask!

I've been fairly quiet on the whole Covid thing. It's not that I don't have an opinion, (those who know me are nodding their heads) and it's not that I'm shy about expressing my opinions (more vigorous nods!) it's just that in the spirit of keeping things light, I've kept my thoughts to myself on this blog.

That being said, I've seen how people are getting a little (sometimes a LOT) nutty out there in the world. You don't have to look far to see examples of this! Recently a friend posted something on Facebook about how he missed seeing people's faces. Within moments, the haters pounced! How dare he post such an insensitive thought! This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. No matter which side of the fence you're on, brace yourself for the attack. Small wonder people are staying quiet. And, for the record, this is not the first time I've seen something like this on social media.

Earlier this week, James and I were hiking at Sudden Valley near Bellingham, Washington. It was a gorgeous sunny day with temps in the eighties. At the trailhead, there was a sign requesting visitors to practice social distancing when passing others and to give those going uphill the right-of-way. As we climbed up, there were several small groups of people who passed us on their way down. As they approached, without exception, not only did they give us a wide amount of space, every one of them whipped out their masks, and hastily moved completely off the trail. Although we smiled and gave them a friendly greeting, these folks were obviously not happy that we weren't putting our masks on—we could see it in their eyes and their body language. (Note: There was no mask-wearing requirement in the park rules)

Near the top of the hill, we discovered a tranquil spot overlooking an alpine lake. There was a small bench where a woman and child were sitting, having lunch.

We stopped at least twelve feet from them so that James could take some photos. As he was reaching for his camera, we could hear the woman's panicked voice. "Put your mask on! Put your mask on!" she told the child. "There are people behind us!"

Watching as the young girl dropped the sandwich into her lap and frantically put on her mask made me sad. "Let's just move on," I said to James. "We'll find another place to take pictures."

Now, before anyone starts jumping on me for being insensitive about folks who feel the need to "mask up", I understand that there are those with compromised immune systems who may believe they're getting some measure of protection by covering their faces. But I don't think that wearing a mask—particularly outside on a warm, sunny day (or when you're alone in your car for heaven's sake!) is necessary. I think people are giving in to the fear that's been created by media and that ticks me off.

At the beginning of the whole "mask-up" movement, the county we live in was not requiring people to wear them. James and I would only go to businesses where we didn't have to put one on. Now, it seems everywhere you go, there's a sign on the door telling you basically, don't come in without a mask. (And I love the one at our local post office which adds, Your Shirt Pulled Over Your Nose and Mouth Does Not Constitute Wearing a Mask!)

Here's where I'm at on the whole "mask-up" issue (& Covid overall)—I hate how people are attacking others for expressing their feelings about the way we're living right now. Everyone has a right to say what's on their mind—even if you don't agree with it!

One of the best things my mom taught me was that people are not only entitled to their opinions—they also have the right to feel however they want on a matter. "Feelings and emotions are God-given and are something that should never be taken away from anyone," she said.

I remember scolding our son Jacob once when he was young and told me he hated one of his friends. "You shouldn't feel that way," I chastised.

Mom pulled me aside and said, "Jacob has a right to feel however he feels about something. Maybe a better way to say it would be, 'I understand that right now you're angry with Jeffrey but you don't really hate him. You're probably just frustrated with the guy."

Yeah, well . . . I thought it was pretty profound at the time.

More than anything right now, I would like to jump out there and share that although our world is in turmoil, God is in control and hope is on the move! I believe the battle we're fighting is not political (although it seems that way sometimes!) No, the war we're in is GOOD vs. evil.

So, I put it out there, folks, and although I've been known to say some things that I've instantly regretted, (and consequently walked around with one foot hanging out of my mouth) this is not one of them! I may be a bit of a rebel, but I'll don a mask when I have to and smile with my eyes because I know God's got this!


Closet ClotheSure Week 25

Wednesday - With our recent trip to Blaine, Washington, it was a very short work week for James and me. Here's a New York & Co. belted jacket I've had for years. Love the autumn colors, but the way it hits my hips is a no-go. In addition to orange, there are browns and navy's in the hounds-tooth print. I've worn it often with navy trousers.

It's time to bid farewell to this jacket. (Keeping the bright orange cami—also from New York & Co. The fitted jeans, from White House Black Market are some of my favorites. Love to wear them with my kicker-boots!

Thursday - Yep, another gem from White House Black Market. This sleek turquoise shift dress has some awesome detail around the neckline and hem. I adore the blue-green color and the form-fitting way it clings to my bod. I wish I had this dress in every color!

From The Garden -

In anticipation of some of the flack I'll surely receive from expressing my thoughts on "masking-up", I thought about the thick-skinned critters that are grubbing around in our backyard.

Trapper Jim (a.k.a. James Simmons), has attempted to trap and relocate them, but they're crafty varmints and have eluded him thus far. Hopefully, they'll eventually move on.

Perhaps we should all try to be a little more like an armadillo and thicken up our skin so we're not so easily offended when other people don't agree with our views.

So, I've gone (kind of) on a mask rant (nothing like I'd really like to do!) and, a garden rant. Guess it's time to call it a day.

(Okay, admit it. These baby armadillos are a bit cute, aren't they?)

I'll end with my usual -

God is in control and hope is on the move!

Love you all & happy Friday!



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