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On Growing Up Bone plus 100 Outfits Down & Counting!

I'm gonna jump out there and say this, it's not easy growing up a tall, skinny, albino-ish white girl with a last name like Bone. Trust me, there's nothing you can say with the word bone in it that I haven't heard before.

Those of you who've been blessed with, how shall I say it? Normal last names . . . like Smith, Johnson, and Williams, count yourselves fortunate! I grew up hating my maiden name, even though I had some victorious moments. Case in point, one afternoon, on the way home from school, some boys were chanting: "Who's On The Phone? (pause) Monica Bone!" After seemingly endless repeats, I finally turned around and demanded they knock it off.

"Why should we stop?" asked a guy I'd always had a crush on. "Your name is on the lips of every dog in the country!"

"Yeah?" I retorted. "And, what's my name?"

"Bone!" he replied, looking around at his buddies for support.

"That makes you a dog!" I replied while his friends erupted in laughter.

Score one for Team Bone!

Here's a little history: The name Bone reached England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Bone family lived in Sussex. Their name, however, does not refer to that area, but to their former place of residence, the town of Bohun, in the French maritime department of La Manche, in western Normandy. (Something I find particularly interesting since many times over the years people, uncertain about how to pronounce my maiden name, would try to put a French spin on it—Boné. That actually wouldn't have been so bad! "No," I'd correct them. "It's just Bone—like dog bone")

I'm thinking life could have been a whole lot easier for my sisters and me if we'd gone by Bohun, instead of Bone! The name was definitely memorable—and made it impossible to fly below the radar in the small schools we attended. My older sister, Sandy (that's right—Sandy Bone!), two years ahead of me in school and a bit of a rebel, blazed the trail for me with teachers we both shared. It wasn't uncommon on the first day of class for a teacher to frown at me after reading my name. "You must be Sandy Bone's sister!" they'd exclaim wondering if I was going to be a challenging student based on their experience with my sibling.

The fact is, when your last name is Bone, people tend to remember you. I think it would have been a heck of a lot easier to fly below the radar if my last name had been Jones!

On a side note, after James and I were engaged, I teased him, saying he should consider taking my maiden name. "It'd be really cool!" I exclaimed. "You could don a British accent like Agent 007 and tell people your name is Bone. James Bone!"

Of course, that didn't happen and I've been proud to be a Simmons for over three and a half decades now. Although I'm fond of the name and its own unique heritage, it's true that two of my three sisters have legally changed their last names back to Bone. These days, it's a name I still claim on occasion when I tell people about my astute intuition (ha!). When something needs careful consideration, I'll say, "It's right. I can feel it in my Monica Bone!


Closet ClotheSure Challenge 2020- Week 26

Monday - Kickin' off the work week with this fun, sleeveless summer dress from Jennifer Lopez. Loving the vibrant stripes and the tie-belt. My friend Deb gifted me with some awesome navy and silver jewelry from Guess a few years back and the navy strappy sandals are the finishing touch. Definitely a keeper!

Tuesday - Eva Mendes designed this beautiful "Christmas green" number. I adore its fun cut-outs and layers. I actually bought this dress several years ago and wear it with a short black jacket to holiday events, but it's perfect alone in the summertime. The length is great and the only thing that would make it better is . . . pockets! (still a keeper!)

Wednesday - It's Hump Day and I'm completely over this ensemble! Here's what we've got: cream-colored, belted sweater from Loft paired with Ann Taylor pants with faux-leather trim.

It's time to let both of these pieces go! Full disclosure, I was thinkin' about keeping the pants, but James pointed out that they'd never looked good on me. (thanks for that?) Both top and bottom are off to another home!

Thursday - We're nearing the end of the workweek with this bright floral dress from Amerian Living. This stretchy, figure-fitting dress was a gift from my friend Jan and was my Easter dress a few years ago. (She also gave me the awesome coordinating necklace)

I revved things up with my Guess pink sandals and, well frankly, this dress is a party waiting to happen!



When I was reviewing the end of July prior to posting this blog, I realized that on Thursday I was wearing my 99th outfit during the Closet ClotheSure Challenge. I figured it would be fun to end the month at 100, so here's what I pulled out of the closet to get there:

Friday - Here Comes The Sun!

I'm letting the sunshine in with this bright yellow dress by Eva Mendes. This figure-flattering, sleeveless number is one of my favorite summer go-to dresses! I've paired it with matching pumps from Jessica Simpson and added coordinating jewelry by Viva La Couture. Even James' remark about me looking like a giant banana this morning can't bring me down! It's going to be a great Friday!

Dancin' In The Garden . . .

I was thrilled that our family was featured on the August 2020 cover of Flower Mound Lakeside Magazine. If you're interested in learning more about me and my awesome guys, the article is posted below.

Lakeside article
Download PDF • 319KB

Happy Friday, everyone! Remember- God is in control and hope is on the move!




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